Got expensive gadgets..?

Phones, Ipods, Games Consoles, Bikes....
Want to keep it safe..?

Then check out these two sites:

Here you can register the details of all your precious items for free.
The Police have access should any item be lost or stolen. Plus you have a record of all your items.
You can also purchase a wide range of security marking products

According to research carried out by the Home Office:

  • Children of school age are five times more likely than adults to become victims of mobile phone theft.
  • 48% of all victims are under the age of 18.
  • One third of all robberies involve a mobile phone only.
  • The peak age for offenders in this type of crime is 16

Here you will find very useful and helpful advice on how to protect yourself and your property, especially phones, MP3s, money etc etc...
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